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Industry experts at your fingertips in hours - instead of weeks

InquireOf’s advanced technology allows investment professionals access to industry experts faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Being able to make informed decisions sooner means more opportunities to find - and close - quality deals.

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Introducing InquireOf:

24/7 Knowledge Access


When evaluating investment opportunities, private equity professionals need access to high-quality, seasoned industry operators in order to make an informed business decision.

But how do you find trusted knowledge in an unfamiliar industry?

InquireOf streamlines your deal flow by connecting you with experienced industry experts - exactly when you need them.

We provide faster, easier knowledge access to enable commerce to thrive.


The current process of finding industry experts

Today, the process of engaging industry experts is slow, inefficient, and expensive.

current industry expert access

The process begins by contacting a traditional expert network and briefing them with the appropriate details of the kind of expert you’re looking for.

The service provider then begins a manual process, with personnel manually searching publicly-available networks, lists, and third-party services to fulfill your request.

The whole process is archaic, error-prone, and can take weeks!

Once you finally connect with the industry expert, the service provider takes full control of the interaction. Calls with experts are expensive, and the client and expert are not allowed to contact each other directly.

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We believe there's
a better way.

InquireOf industry expert access



Our innovative search algorithms can be accessed any time of the day or night from any computer or mobile device. Searches are performed in real time, matching potential experts instantly.

Once you’ve found your expert on InquireOf, feel free to contact them directly. Need to follow up, or ask more questions? No problem - we won’t get in your way. You’re in the driver’s seat.

If you’re too busy to use InquireOf yourself, or just need a helping hand, reach out to our dedicated customer service team. We will come back to you with a list of perfectly-matched experts quicker than you can say “deal flow.”

InquireOf gives you access to industry expertise in hours, instead of weeks. Being able to tap into knowledge and information faster means finding, assessing - and closing - more high-quality deals.

Our unique industry advisor search engine brings fast and easy access to expertise and guidance, helping you make better-informed business decisions. InquireOf’s Just in Time knowledge delivery model allows you to proceed with confidence faster than the competition, helping set you apart as a ‘preferred buyer’.

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Matthew Steve

West Allen Capital

"The site does a good job at providing a thorough background on each potential candidate, along with the ability to have an interactive discussion before committing to a call. Overall, very user friendly and flexible, with a deep bench of potential experts to talk with."

Ryan Brown

Patriot Investment Partners

"After trialing various expert networks, I'm very happy to have discovered InquireOf. The advisors are high-quality professionals, the platform is simple and easy to use, and there are no hidden fees."

Hany Salama

InquireOf Advisor

"I appreciate advising with InquireOf because I am able to communicate directly with the investor. This makes scheduling our call much more efficient compared to traditional expert networks that have an intermediary."

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