BYOB - Build Your Own Bench

BYOB – Build Your Own Bench

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It’s a fact that leveraging industry operators and executives is a proven path to enhancing clarity and reducing risk. Private equity, hedge funds and corporate M&A groups have traditionally accessed these individuals through expert networks. As dry powder continues at record highs, access to the right experts can be the difference between establishing prefered position or getting passed over.

At InquireOf our big audacious goal is to be the go-to platform for connecting people to experts. We have built our technology to break down barriers that prevent connection, enabling better access to the right information at the right time.

According to Integrity Research, expert advising is a $1B industry and growing at 20% annually. A one hour phone call within these networks averages around $1,000 and the hourly phone call cost is just part of the contract equation. The challenge with this traditional approach is that it comes burdened with a lot of friction as traditional expert networks act as intermediaries. In order to speak with an expert, multiple back-and-forth exchanges are required and follow-on conversation must flow back through the intermediary. As someone who is in several expert networks, I have experienced the friction first hand.

This brings up another issue, which is the dilution of knowledge within networks. It is not uncommon for industry executives to participate in multiple expert networks. This means that multiple firms are likely talking to the same pool of industry operators and executives. This does not drive differentiated insight.

At InquireOf, we believe there is a better way. When investors connect with industry operators and executives a circuit is completed allowing information to flow. That is why we not only enable, but encourage our clients to work directly with experts. We call it building your bench. Our powerful search platform puts investors in control, enables faster turns on deal review, and costs the same per month as one advisor call with traditional expert networks.

The process is simple:

Step 1 – Create Account

  • Simple sign-up
  • Create a deal or project

Step 2 – Find & Review Advisors

  • Algorithms recommend experts from project inputs
  • Add multiple appealing experts to project

Step 3 – Interact

  • Reach out through the platform
  • Schedule and conduct audio/video calls
  • Compensate advisors through the platform

Step 4 – Evolve Your Bench

  • Continue to work directly with your experts
  • Track experts by deal, industry, or skill set for future engagement
  • Quickly find and add experts as needed

Best of all, we stay out of the way. When you find experts you like we encourage building long-term relationships. Engage on as many calls as needed or even have the expert take on a larger role, like traveling on-site to management team meetings. The scope of your relationship is between you and the expert.

Once you’ve established a relationship with an expert our platform ensures you not only have access to their information, but also a track record of what deals they helped with and the areas of expertise they offer for future reference.

We are in the business of building technology that connects people, enabling better decision-making. Unlock the power of expert relationships by building your own bench of industry operators and executives today.

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