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Redefining Expert Search

We’re blazing a trail by redefining how private equity professionals access experts in their respective fields in order to provide pertinent and timely information that enables well-informed business decisions. As part of that mission, we’re looking for experts in a wide range of industries who can share their real-world experiences and insights.

InquireOf Trusted Advisors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels. Perhaps you’re an industry consultant. Maybe you’ve built up industry or market knowledge as a former company owner, employee, customer, reseller, or strategic partner.

Whatever your background, whatever the industry, if you have in-depth expertise or knowledge that could be useful to investment professionals looking for information, insights, and opinions, we’d love to have you on board.


InquireOf Trusted Advisors enjoy a range of benefits

Update Your Knowledge

Keep up to date with industry trends, technologies, and client needs from a wide range of use case perspectives. Expand your knowledge and audience.

Expand Your Professional Network

Our clients are some of the world’s biggest, most successful companies and influential investors. Becoming an InquireOf Trusted Advisor raises your industry profile bringing influence, new relationships, and potentially direct consulting opportunities outside of your existing network.

Executive Leadership

At times, our advisors land outside Board of Directors and Operating Partner positions within the firm.

Flexible Approach

While most advisors work with our clients on a short term engagement, there is opportunity for short or long-term consulting.

Recurring Work

When a consultation goes well, we take note. We may contact you in the future for another engagement related to your background and experience.

Income Revenue Stream

Earn additional income by offering consulting/advising services on your particular area of expertise.


How To Become An InquireOf Trusted Advisor

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