orthopedic implant companies

How Orthopedic Device Startups Can Better Compete with Established Industry Titans

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Large orthopedic implant companies manufacture a range of devices including total joints, trauma, sports medicine, and extremities. These companies are considered full-line companies in that they offer the broadest range of products within its portfolio. These companies have been diligent in establishing barriers for small and startup companies to enter the market. These barriers include leveraging their full line product …

The Importance of Including Maintenance When Calculating Cost of Goods Sold

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In a typical plant, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is a critical metric and reducing COGS is integral to higher profitability. Unfortunately, many managers view maintenance as another expense on the P&L statement. Unlike other expenses which are seen as “consumable” in nature (e.g., energy, materials, supplies), maintenance is an investment back into the assets. What many managers overlook is …

Achieve Healthcare’s Triple Aim with Comprehensive Bundled Payments

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Historically, health insurance companies and other payers like CMS made payment to physicians for each service that was required in the course of a given treatment. With the passage of health care reform (“The Affordable Care Act”), a new program was initiated to bring these services for a given treatment together under one single payment, a “bundled” payment. (For more …

Strategic Technical Alliances

Increase Customer Value with Strategic Technical Alliances

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The integration of application and services has been a long-standing challenge for software vendors. Cloud computing has created a market in which customers expect and require their software and cloud solutions to integrate with complementary products, industry-standard cloud services like Salesforce and NetSuite, and cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure. This shift represents both an imperative and a great …

Subscription Business Model

Using A Subscription Business Model To Grow Revenue And Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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E-commerce and retail experts at times will grapple with how subscription programs might be different from their personal experience with online businesses. The question “Why can’t I just think of subscriptions as a series of repeat purchases?” inevitably comes up. In B2B situations, one might try to fit subscriptions into the same thinking as a term contract with a payment …

renewable fuels

Advisor Spotlight: David Elsenbast

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Advisor: David Elsenbast Industry: Fats and oils; renewable fuels Areas of Expertise: Renewable fuels market and manufacturing operations, specifically renewable diesel and biodiesel. Thorough understanding of the federal, state, and global policy around renewable fuels. Expertise in feedstock markets used to produce biodiesel and renewable diesel, the global S&D balance sheets, the economics, and how these markets trade. Understanding of …

utilization of carbon materials

Advisor Spotlight: Frederick Baker

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Advisor: Frederick S. Baker Industry: Carbon Materials Areas of Expertise: Fred’s expertise is in the manufacture, characterization, and utilization of carbon materials, most notably activated (nanoporous) carbon and carbon fiber. Core skills cover all phases of product development and commercialization, including R&D, process design and scale-up, management of plant trials, plant specification and construction, M&A due diligence, and helping to …

Marketing and brand strategy advisor Bryan Kimbell

Advisor Spotlight: Bryan Kimbell

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Advisor: Bryan Kimbell Expertise: Marketing and brand strategy Areas of Expertise: Bringing the organizational brand to life through brand architecture, strategies, messaging, brand guidelines, and customer journey mapping. Has helped build and grow companies in a variety of categories including: B-Corp, public benefit corporations, digital tokens, SaaS, CPG, consumer electronics, creative agencies, professional & amateur sports, and outdoor recreation. We …

Importance in Talking to Industry Experts Early and Often

Pre-LOI: The Advantages of Talking to Industry Experts Early and Often

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Consulting with industry experts during the investment process has traditionally been a key focus in later phases of a deal. In many cases, experts aren’t consulted until well past LOI. Finding the right expert can be time consuming and, if relying on a traditional expert network, costly. However, there are myriad benefits to reaching out earlier in the deal cycle. …

Private Equity Technology Advisor InquireOf

Advisor Spotlight: Jonathan Broch

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Advisor: Jonathan Broch Expertise: Private equity technology Areas of Expertise: Advises private equity firms on the selection and implementation of technology solutions in order to drive operational efficiencies and develop strategic insights across the front, middle, and back-office. We recently had a chance to chat with private equity technology expert Jonathan Broch who is based out of Parkland, Florida. Below …